Lagos -The showdown between loyalists of the Senate President

Dr. Chuba Okadigbo’s and deputy senate president, Alhaji Haruna Abubakar was aborted Sunday night in Abuja following a reconciliatory move by three state governors.

The governors— Alhaji Abdulahi Kure of Niger State, Alhaji Musa Kwakwanso of Kano State and Alhaji Abdullahi Adamu of Nassarawa State, all of the ruling People’s Democratic Party, reconciled the warring members of the Senate, after a protracted meeting that began this morning in Abuja.

Consequently, at a press conference held Sunday night at the national secretariat of the party in Abuja, all the principal parties in the conflict, that cast shadows of doubt on the survival of Nigeria’s democracy, resolved to put the issue behind them in the interest of the country’s nascent democracy.

The two principal actors in the conflict

Dr. Chuba Okadigbo, Haruna Abubakar and the speaker of the House of Representatives, Alhaji Ghali Na- Abba arrived at the venue of the press conference in the same Lexus car with registration number BE 200 AD.The Speaker drove the car. Their arrival was devoid of siren and police escort.

Earlier while addressing journalists, the National Chairman of the ruling party, Chief Barnabas Gemade, said that the principal officers and some elders of the party have been able to re-establish confidence and cordiality amongst the different groups in the National Assembly.

Thanking the Governors for helping to bring about the reconciliation, Chief Gemade assured that the leadership of the National Assembly would meet on Tuesday June 6, 2000 at 2.00 p.m. to continue to deal with the supplementary appropriation bill as well as the Niger Delta Development Commission bill adding that a when they dispose off these, they will recess as they deem fit.

Both Okadigbo and Haruna were equally grateful

To the peace makers for helping to douse the tension which the crisis has generated in the last few days.

Nigeria’s politics was heated up in the past few days after Senate President Okadigbo announced that the Senate would be going on recess till July. A mutiny spearheaded by his deputy, Haruna Abubakar followed, with 57 senators announcing they would reconvene the Senate without Okadigbo. The disappearance of the mace, a symbol of senatorial authority worsened the political drama as the rebellious senators not only accused the senate president of stealing, but also invited the police to search for the senate in Okadigbo’s official residence in Abuja.

The police invasion was condemned by many Nigerians. US President Bill Clinton was also said to have expressed dismay at the development. Just as Nigerians were expecting the crisis coming to a climactic end this week, what with the warring groups announcing different dates for the convening of the Senate, the peacemakers moved in to stop the furore from further degenerating.

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Makes 2 dozen cupcakes

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1/2 teaspoon salt

2 cups granulated sugar

3/4 cup unsalted butter

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6 large eggs

1 1/2 teaspoons almond extract

1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla extract

1 cup buttermilk

1 bag (14 ounces) sweetened

  flaked coconut (5 1/3 cups)

cream cheese icing

2 packages (8 ounces each)

  cream cheese, softened

3/4 cup unsalted butter

  (1 1/2 sticks), softened

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

1/2 teaspoon almond extract

1 1/2 pounds confectioners’

  sugar (about 5 2/3 cups),


  1. Preheat oven to 325[degrees]F.

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Choosing The Best Binoculars — June 29, 2015

Choosing The Best Binoculars


redfield-rebel-binoculars-8x42-review_206607A wide range of binoculars are available these days, and it pays to check a variety out before choosing the best binoculars for your use. There am all kinds of uses for a good set of bincoculars these days! People use them for bird watching, hunting, and other nature related activities. They can also be used to watch sports when the action is far away, sightseeing, and all kinds of things.

The range of the best binoculars and how easy they are to use will determine which of the best binoculars that you need for your particular situation.

Try Nikon Monarch ATB 8×42 Binoculars!


One of the best binoculars overall that are available is the Nikon Monarch ATB (All Terrain Binoculars). This model of binoculars cost about $250, a little more or a little less depending on where you are shopping.

These are a good way to go for those who do not want to spend a fortune ($1,000 +) for the best binoculars, but would like a high quality set of binoculars.

Reviewers give these binoculars high marks, with such comments as:

“I did alot of research before deciding on this pair. As an experienced photographer, optical quality was my top priority.”

“They are excellent value. In the store I compared them with Leica… the Leica was better, but not three times the price better… As the price goes up, the quality improves. At a certain price point you can no longer tell the next price level is clearly better; it is mostly just different.”

“. . . they really are excellent, very easy to use, good feel, amazing light gathering and reproduction, and only 1 and 1/2 pounds”

What makes these so great? They have just as good of optics as any of the luxury brands. They may not have all the features of the more expensive brands, such as built-in lens caps and eyecups, but this is a small detail when you compare the price difference!.

The Nikon Monarch ATB has 19.6 mm of eye relief. This makes the binoculars comfortable for nearly anyone, including those who wear eyeglasses. While the field of view and minimum focus are dwarfed by the luxury brands of the best binoculars, you will find that the 330 foot field of view and 8.2 foot minimum focus will be perfect for a variety of uses, including bird watching and hunting.

Another good point is how light-weight these binoculars are. The Nikon Monarch ATB weighs about 21.3 ounces. These are the top binoculars in the mid-range price because they are also waterproof and fog-proof for the perfect look every single time, no matter what weather conditions are like. To compete with the luxury brand, Nikon does offer a 25-year warranty that is nontransferable and a lifetime no fault clause for repairs. This lifetime no fault will give you unlimited repairs for a $10 flat fee.

Nikon is a well-trusted brand in a variety of different products, including their line of binoculars. The best binoculars will fit your purpose and be comfortable to use and carry around.


10 simple ways to teach children that every parents can do — May 10, 2015

10 simple ways to teach children that every parents can do

The simplest ways below will help parents raise a child to be smart and healthy.

Teacher and child individual work

1. Interact with children

Scientists have observed the child who have not been had the feeling of cuddling, loving and playing with their parents and found out that they would have a undeveloped brain. They also found that the children who have not been embraced and got the attention would have uneven development, and often feel depressed, maybe even death. On the other hand, many studies have shown these interactions like cuddling, playing with children would help develop wisdom and have a strong influence on the kids. Loving connection and interactions between you and your child will bring a foundation for the development of thinking skills.

 2. Talk with your child

Let talk to your children and listen to what children say. These help to reinforce communication skills and language. You can also read books to their children. Begin reading to your children even when they are not literate. This will lay the foundation for the development of language skills. The children whom their parents read to will form the possibility of developing small passion of reading, have a good academic performance at school and success in life as adults. Reading to children is one of the important activities to raise a smart child.

3. Developing the left hemisphere and the right hemisphere in balance

The left hemisphere is responsible for processing language, abstract thought, writing, calculation, organization, classification, word memoryand perceptions of time, But right hemisphere’s roles are overall image processing, the concept of space, figure distinguishing, musical intuition, the ability of imitation. Right hemisphere has identifiable body function, synthesis, creativity, will of human, imagination, attitudes, feelings and will of man. Although each hemisphere has its own function, but they always benefit one another during operation.

Balanced development of the left hemisphere and the right hemisphere is one of the important principles for intellectual development for children.

 4. Let children play

When children have fun, they are creating the foundation for the development of intellectual skills, social, physical and emotional. When children are playing with other children, they are developing and learning skills in collaboration, combining ideas, attention and feelings of others.

5. Encourage your child to exercise

All physical training not only makes children healthy but also helps children to develop intelligence. The exercises will help regulate blood flow to the brain and regenerate brain cells. The exercise is good for the spirit of the adult and particularly better to young children it also has long-term effects on brain development.

6. Let choose the music as part of your life

Many studies have shown that listening to music can help children develop memory, concentration, motivation and learning. Music also helps to reduce stress – a cause that undermines the child’s brain. Learning to play some musical instrument can also affect the brain’s ability to think and how to make the argument – it sets a good foundation for the development of abstract mathematics later. If possible, get start by learning piano. After reading the notes and playing 10 notes simultaneously, children will easily learn other instruments. But it is more important that it is necessary for children to learn to play musical instruments early, no matter what kind of instrument is.

7. Let children observe what you are doing creative things.

Children learn by imitating the actions of adults. If children see you are sticking to the book, writing or doing creative work, they will imitate and adopt them, gradually they will explore, discover and be smarter.

8. Allow your child to play smart games on computer

Crystal games on computer can teach children about numbers, mathematics, music, pronunciation and many other fields. These games also help children develop skills of coordinating hand-eye and “training” children the skills related to computers, technology later. More importantly, children can learn by playing. Learning by playing comfortably and cheerfully is the best way for children to acquire knowledge.

 9. Let your child eat in right way

A suitable food regime is particularly important in raising a smart kid. Diets that are rich in protein such as eggs, fish, meat, beans, nuts, … will help improve attention, consciousness and level of thought. Carbohydrates helps provide energy to the brain used for thinking processes. The richest source of carbohydrates you can find in grains and fruits. The type of carbohydrate and processed sugar have an adverse effect on the ability and concentration of children, so you should keep this in mind. Vitamins and minerals are also important.

10. Bringing children to play

Some good places you can take kid to the museums and tourist spots. Take children to travel abroad is also a good choice for children to explore new things.

7 nutrients for your kids helps increase height —

7 nutrients for your kids helps increase height

The matter of increasing height of the kids is not something too difficult. Mother only needs to notice the just nutrition and reasonable exercise activities for the kids by ages. In the children’s eating menu, 7 following nutrients the mother must not ignore.


1 / Lysine

Lysine is an important nutrient to help increase the height of the kids and an amino acid that is essential for calcium absorption, increases appetite in children’s eating. In addition, this nutrient also plays an role of synthesizing collagen, metabolism of fat into energy, increases resistance and ensure healthy immune system.

Mother should add lysine-rich foods to their nutrient menu to help the children’s height develop optimally.

Hint: Meat, fish, egg yolks, legumes, milk, finishe products from milk.

2 / Magnesium

In a normal body, magnesium accounts for about 35g weight, concentrates mainly in bones and teeth. That is why this mineral shows extremely necessity for constituting the bones, healthy teeth. Magnesium also actively supports for the activities of muscle contraction, nerve impulse conduction in the body.

Mother may find magnesium in foods such as: amaranth, spinach, sweet potatoes, peanuts, tuna, pompano, crayfish, …

3 / Zinc

In order to catalyze over essential 70 enzymes for cell division to help boost growth, the kid’s body can not lack of the presence of zinc. Zinc, besides calcium, is a very important component to form strong bones.

Zinc-rich food sources the kids need to eat more to be tall: meat, eggs, fish, liver, oysters, scallops …

4 / iodine

As part of the hormones, iodine plays an important role in promoting the development of the body, including height and weight. Children are very vulnerable subjects of lacking iodine due to rising demand and rapid development. Without this mineral, your baby will face the risk of growth retardation, mental retardation, speech delay, hard of hearing …

So, in the early years of the child, as nutrient plays a vital role, the mother should always process foods rich in iodine for young children to grow tall, strong and intelligent.

The mother should choose iodine-rich foods such as: seafood, seaweed, green vegetable …

5 / Vitamin A

If lacking vitamin A, children so easily have physical retardation due to keratosis epithelial cells, sparse villi intestine, this will make the kids have poor nutrient absorption. Not stopping there, the child’s immune system will be affected not less, the kids are vulnerable to infections, especially respiratory infections and digestion.

Mother should add vitamin A from various food sources to help increase the kid’s height. Hint: butter, cheese, eggs, milk, liver, green vegetables, carrots, pumpkin, …

6 / Calcium

Referring to height, it couldn’t help mention about calcium. Calcium, a major component of bones and teeth structure, engages in a lot of important metabolic processes of the body including the enzyme activity, neurotransmitters, hormonal function, muscle contraction, clotting of blood, …

Food sources of calcium that child should eat more such as: Milk, finished product from milk, shellfish, eggs, herring,  …

7 / Vitamin D

Along with calcium, that is vitamin D, with the regulatory functions of calcium and phosphorus in the gut, enhance of protein synthesis, it helps the body absorb nutrients to the maximum extent. Besides complementing vitamin D from dietary sources such as butter, milk, cheese, …, mother should encourage the kids to join outdoor activities to absorb useful sunlight. At least children should have sunbathing in 15-20 minutes a day, preferably before 9 am.

What to teach 3 year old baby? — May 7, 2015

What to teach 3 year old baby?

Many parents want their children to study early as soon as possible. However, hastinis sometimes causes the negative effect on children


In theory, when the baby is three, he can write or read, but if you try to force your child to learn, the long termharm is making the baby little scared of this study. It is important for parents to teach him appropriate things with correct method.

The development of children up to three

In physiology: When your child is 3 years old, the muscle of activity has grown almost complete. So, he can easily run and play alone, climb stairs, stand on one foot for a short time. Extremely like running, acting. He may become a completely independent individual. Meanwhile, the development of brain and nervous system is nearly 80%. This allows the baby can recognize the difference between large animals and small animals, could turn the book and stare. Know to compare objects with the same color. Listen and respond to questions. Understand simple story.

In psychology: The child now can identify themselves and does not need to rely on other people and realize a few colours of life that make him want to become independent. “Crisis at the age of 3” also comes from here. The kid becomes extremely stubborn, just wants to do what he likes and self-determines. He becomes very saucy, when not achieving the desired thing, he will try all ways to resist as possible by head banging, screaming, whining … At the same time, he is also stubborn, disrespectful to adults, not listen, does contrariwise all what parents say, very “selfish”, want everything around him to be submissive. Nevertheless, the expression of “crisis” in the child is not the same. There are many babies even without any signs as mentioned above but also many children who are too intolerable that parents are also unbearable.

How to teach the children?

Whether you want to look like, you also should not force children to learn seriously in this period, especially not for writing. Now, the bone of arms is yet unformed, if writing practice is too soon, the bone will have curvator. Besides, do not allow the child to watch television too much. Receiving much information is not good for the development of the brain. Do not allow kids to use computer, if you want your baby to get used, you should only give your baby a chance to learn to use the mouse.

Playing and learning: it is regarded as a guideline in this period. You can teach the kids to recognise colours, remember the letters and simple songs, assemble the images with less details … Give children a chance to participate in games like soccer, hide and seek, climbing … so that activity ability of the kids will improve.

Games for kids

Recognise color: cut colour papers torn into many shapes, sizes from about 4 to 5 cm square. Then put them in a basket or large bucket, then let him take each colour papers out of basket or small barrels.

Sale of goods, do housework: this is the game that make a bond of relationship between mother and child. Help the children initially imagine how housework is, so that the child will not argue when mother ask.

Throw the ball: You stand opposite to the kid, about 1 or 2 meters, then throw the ball to the kid and he will catch it with two hands. This game helps body movement, increases predictability.

Memory training: Put about 5 items on the tray, and then let the children memorize the items within 1 minute. Next, cover by towel and see how many things the kid can memory.

4 things should do when raising 3 year old children —

4 things should do when raising 3 year old children

At 3 years old, the child is so characteristic. Relative language skills in combination with outstanding actions ability are favorable conditions for the child’s social intergration.

The child is still curious and playful, but still weak at skills of recognizing safe or unsafe things. He can play with electronics because he thinks that is interesting game. Therefore, parents are so easy to be frustrated, especially hard to find reasonable punishment for 3-year-old child.


Select “battle” wisely

It is very difficult to fully control your child at the age of 3 if you do not know how to raise your children at this age. By the age of 3, he continues to learn how to explore the environment by the test of his own. If you want your children to learn safely, you should give your baby some interesting situations to help your child explore the world. Let the child play and explore freely, but always remember the safety rules when being on the road, avoid devices causing burn in kitchen and keep the child safe when playing in water.

Do not feel stress when the child is on the potty

If your child is 3 years old and he still has to wear a diaper, the baby is not the only one. Do not stress if your child has nocturnal enuresis or bowel movements uncarefully. You can train your baby to sit on the potty every morning before go to school or right after your child comes back home from kindergarten, you may ask whether your child goes to the toilet or not. When the matter of pee and bowel movement improves, do not forget to reward your child. However, even this matter is still confusing to your child, you also need to be patient and loving. Do not punish your child just because he pisses the pants.

If reminder is not enough

You can take a lot of time to explain to your child why not do something, but the baby still do that again. You will get angry and shout that: “Do not play with knife, or cut yourself. Mum has mentioned many times before”, but a 3 year old baby does not really understand why he is not allowed to touch the knife.

Meanwhile, diverting attention is still an effective way to encourage good behavior of 3 year old child. As soon as the baby makes something that makes you feel unpleasant, you can distract your child with toys, cartoon characters or favorite songs. Instruct your baby to play some games or go out would be appropriate when the baby is naughty.

Providing a safe environment

As a parent, you should understand your children most. Many accidents will find the baby, even at home. Curiosity can inspire your child to climb up, open the cupboard, touch or put a nail into a socket … Therefore, be sure that everything in the house is safe for the baby, not be subjective that you always keep an eye on children because it is not enough.

If your child’s habit is still sucking small objects in their mouths, toys containing pieces are inappropriate, whether it be annotated for 3-year-old baby.

I wish you success!