With 3 following techniques to teach children, you do not need to yell at or beat child but always be calm and steadfast, to help the child eliminate the negative behavior and family’s life be more pleasant.

“I want a cake. I want to eat” when we hear saying from your child or from others child, it often comes with the screams through the supermarket or grocery store. When children grow into teenage, these sounds will be turned into “I want new clothes. I want a car …”. What will Parents do? How can we extinguished war and make your life a little more peaceful ?

Ancient Chinese has a saying: “If parents are not strict with their child, they will be dominated by their child “. Obviously, some “scope” for children is necessary to keep the peace and limit the chaos.



The philosophy behind the consistent technique is that we do not want to spark debate and battle with their children. This technique is extremely effective as long as you are consistent with it and remember to use whenever possible. This technique should be used best when a child is harassing, screaming or insisted. It can be used to extinguish most positive behaviors. This technique can be effective with children, young adults, and even teens.

How to do it? Parents should respond to negative behaviors of children with a simple notification and calm. As children continue that behavior, parents recall the exact message with a steady tone. Parents must keep calm and steadfast.

For example:

Before implementing a consistent technique:

Child: I want candy! (Scream)

Parents: No, let’s go.

Child: But I want candy (crying)

Parents: Come on, no candy. Put it down. (Degree of irritation increased)

Child: I want candy, I want candy!

Parents: We need to go home right now. Come on, let’s go.

Son: But I want candy. (Stomping ground)

Parents: Okay, okay, mom will buy. (Very annoying)

When performing consitent technique:

Con: I want candy!

Parents: Today not buy candy. (Calm voice)

Child: But I want candy!

Parents: Today not buy candy. (Remain calm)

Child: I want candy! I want cand!

Parents: Today not buy candy. (Remain calm)

And finally, the child must give up. Over time, this technology will become simpler and more efficient.

Consistently effective technique will make children discouraged and will learn that groaning and whining will not help them get what they want.

As the decision maker

When dealing with difficult situations, we must maintain the determination in the role of their parents. Parent-child battle can be extremely vulnerable, so it is not difficult to understand why we easily surrender. Will we utter such words that I will give up or just to keep that thought in mind and the kids can recognize that? Children can understand  their parents and can read what we are thinking. Children will have a way to know whether we will win or lose the battle with their parents.

With determination, we will have more power to quell the negative behavior. It does not require nagging or yelling but it can mobilize internal power – when the parents are the persons with the rights in situations. A quite common condition is that parents worry or stress about the struggle for the right of decision with their children, but with the determination in our hearts can prevent that.

Focus on the positive and ignore the negative.

Just come to the nearby local supermarket you can see the example of that the parents give a reward to their children’s screaming by the forms of attention. Often things they want most is just to attract the attention of parents. How many cries is true and how many cries is just pretending?

The statistics show that only 75% of mothers and 50% of fathers hug school-age children everyday. That’s not surprising when children decide to act out the framework to draw the attention of their parents. By focusing attention to children when they behave well, you will reduce the work they feel the need to “do something” for us to run to and talk with children. Pay attention on children when they have good behavior, and less attention as they expose extreme behavior will reduce the longing expressed as whining.

By using 3 parenting secrets of everyday life, you will begin to see more positive behavior and less positive than negative behaviors in children. Please maintain determination with 3 tips above and do not give up.