At 3 years old, the child is so characteristic. Relative language skills in combination with outstanding actions ability are favorable conditions for the child’s social intergration.

The child is still curious and playful, but still weak at skills of recognizing safe or unsafe things. He can play with electronics because he thinks that is interesting game. Therefore, parents are so easy to be frustrated, especially hard to find reasonable punishment for 3-year-old child.


Select “battle” wisely

It is very difficult to fully control your child at the age of 3 if you do not know how to raise your children at this age. By the age of 3, he continues to learn how to explore the environment by the test of his own. If you want your children to learn safely, you should give your baby some interesting situations to help your child explore the world. Let the child play and explore freely, but always remember the safety rules when being on the road, avoid devices causing burn in kitchen and keep the child safe when playing in water.

Do not feel stress when the child is on the potty

If your child is 3 years old and he still has to wear a diaper, the baby is not the only one. Do not stress if your child has nocturnal enuresis or bowel movements uncarefully. You can train your baby to sit on the potty every morning before go to school or right after your child comes back home from kindergarten, you may ask whether your child goes to the toilet or not. When the matter of pee and bowel movement improves, do not forget to reward your child. However, even this matter is still confusing to your child, you also need to be patient and loving. Do not punish your child just because he pisses the pants.

If reminder is not enough

You can take a lot of time to explain to your child why not do something, but the baby still do that again. You will get angry and shout that: “Do not play with knife, or cut yourself. Mum has mentioned many times before”, but a 3 year old baby does not really understand why he is not allowed to touch the knife.

Meanwhile, diverting attention is still an effective way to encourage good behavior of 3 year old child. As soon as the baby makes something that makes you feel unpleasant, you can distract your child with toys, cartoon characters or favorite songs. Instruct your baby to play some games or go out would be appropriate when the baby is naughty.

Providing a safe environment

As a parent, you should understand your children most. Many accidents will find the baby, even at home. Curiosity can inspire your child to climb up, open the cupboard, touch or put a nail into a socket … Therefore, be sure that everything in the house is safe for the baby, not be subjective that you always keep an eye on children because it is not enough.

If your child’s habit is still sucking small objects in their mouths, toys containing pieces are inappropriate, whether it be annotated for 3-year-old baby.

I wish you success!