Many parents want their children to study early as soon as possible. However, hastinis sometimes causes the negative effect on children


In theory, when the baby is three, he can write or read, but if you try to force your child to learn, the long termharm is making the baby little scared of this study. It is important for parents to teach him appropriate things with correct method.

The development of children up to three

In physiology: When your child is 3 years old, the muscle of activity has grown almost complete. So, he can easily run and play alone, climb stairs, stand on one foot for a short time. Extremely like running, acting. He may become a completely independent individual. Meanwhile, the development of brain and nervous system is nearly 80%. This allows the baby can recognize the difference between large animals and small animals, could turn the book and stare. Know to compare objects with the same color. Listen and respond to questions. Understand simple story.

In psychology: The child now can identify themselves and does not need to rely on other people and realize a few colours of life that make him want to become independent. “Crisis at the age of 3” also comes from here. The kid becomes extremely stubborn, just wants to do what he likes and self-determines. He becomes very saucy, when not achieving the desired thing, he will try all ways to resist as possible by head banging, screaming, whining … At the same time, he is also stubborn, disrespectful to adults, not listen, does contrariwise all what parents say, very “selfish”, want everything around him to be submissive. Nevertheless, the expression of “crisis” in the child is not the same. There are many babies even without any signs as mentioned above but also many children who are too intolerable that parents are also unbearable.

How to teach the children?

Whether you want to look like, you also should not force children to learn seriously in this period, especially not for writing. Now, the bone of arms is yet unformed, if writing practice is too soon, the bone will have curvator. Besides, do not allow the child to watch television too much. Receiving much information is not good for the development of the brain. Do not allow kids to use computer, if you want your baby to get used, you should only give your baby a chance to learn to use the mouse.

Playing and learning: it is regarded as a guideline in this period. You can teach the kids to recognise colours, remember the letters and simple songs, assemble the images with less details … Give children a chance to participate in games like soccer, hide and seek, climbing … so that activity ability of the kids will improve.

Games for kids

Recognise color: cut colour papers torn into many shapes, sizes from about 4 to 5 cm square. Then put them in a basket or large bucket, then let him take each colour papers out of basket or small barrels.

Sale of goods, do housework: this is the game that make a bond of relationship between mother and child. Help the children initially imagine how housework is, so that the child will not argue when mother ask.

Throw the ball: You stand opposite to the kid, about 1 or 2 meters, then throw the ball to the kid and he will catch it with two hands. This game helps body movement, increases predictability.

Memory training: Put about 5 items on the tray, and then let the children memorize the items within 1 minute. Next, cover by towel and see how many things the kid can memory.