The simplest ways below will help parents raise a child to be smart and healthy.

Teacher and child individual work

1. Interact with children

Scientists have observed the child who have not been had the feeling of cuddling, loving and playing with their parents and found out that they would have a undeveloped brain. They also found that the children who have not been embraced and got the attention would have uneven development, and often feel depressed, maybe even death. On the other hand, many studies have shown these interactions like cuddling, playing with children would help develop wisdom and have a strong influence on the kids. Loving connection and interactions between you and your child will bring a foundation for the development of thinking skills.

 2. Talk with your child

Let talk to your children and listen to what children say. These help to reinforce communication skills and language. You can also read books to their children. Begin reading to your children even when they are not literate. This will lay the foundation for the development of language skills. The children whom their parents read to will form the possibility of developing small passion of reading, have a good academic performance at school and success in life as adults. Reading to children is one of the important activities to raise a smart child.

3. Developing the left hemisphere and the right hemisphere in balance

The left hemisphere is responsible for processing language, abstract thought, writing, calculation, organization, classification, word memoryand perceptions of time, But right hemisphere’s roles are overall image processing, the concept of space, figure distinguishing, musical intuition, the ability of imitation. Right hemisphere has identifiable body function, synthesis, creativity, will of human, imagination, attitudes, feelings and will of man. Although each hemisphere has its own function, but they always benefit one another during operation.

Balanced development of the left hemisphere and the right hemisphere is one of the important principles for intellectual development for children.

 4. Let children play

When children have fun, they are creating the foundation for the development of intellectual skills, social, physical and emotional. When children are playing with other children, they are developing and learning skills in collaboration, combining ideas, attention and feelings of others.

5. Encourage your child to exercise

All physical training not only makes children healthy but also helps children to develop intelligence. The exercises will help regulate blood flow to the brain and regenerate brain cells. The exercise is good for the spirit of the adult and particularly better to young children it also has long-term effects on brain development.

6. Let choose the music as part of your life

Many studies have shown that listening to music can help children develop memory, concentration, motivation and learning. Music also helps to reduce stress – a cause that undermines the child’s brain. Learning to play some musical instrument can also affect the brain’s ability to think and how to make the argument – it sets a good foundation for the development of abstract mathematics later. If possible, get start by learning piano. After reading the notes and playing 10 notes simultaneously, children will easily learn other instruments. But it is more important that it is necessary for children to learn to play musical instruments early, no matter what kind of instrument is.

7. Let children observe what you are doing creative things.

Children learn by imitating the actions of adults. If children see you are sticking to the book, writing or doing creative work, they will imitate and adopt them, gradually they will explore, discover and be smarter.

8. Allow your child to play smart games on computer

Crystal games on computer can teach children about numbers, mathematics, music, pronunciation and many other fields. These games also help children develop skills of coordinating hand-eye and “training” children the skills related to computers, technology later. More importantly, children can learn by playing. Learning by playing comfortably and cheerfully is the best way for children to acquire knowledge.

 9. Let your child eat in right way

A suitable food regime is particularly important in raising a smart kid. Diets that are rich in protein such as eggs, fish, meat, beans, nuts, … will help improve attention, consciousness and level of thought. Carbohydrates helps provide energy to the brain used for thinking processes. The richest source of carbohydrates you can find in grains and fruits. The type of carbohydrate and processed sugar have an adverse effect on the ability and concentration of children, so you should keep this in mind. Vitamins and minerals are also important.

10. Bringing children to play

Some good places you can take kid to the museums and tourist spots. Take children to travel abroad is also a good choice for children to explore new things.