The matter of increasing height of the kids is not something too difficult. Mother only needs to notice the just nutrition and reasonable exercise activities for the kids by ages. In the children’s eating menu, 7 following nutrients the mother must not ignore.


1 / Lysine

Lysine is an important nutrient to help increase the height of the kids and an amino acid that is essential for calcium absorption, increases appetite in children’s eating. In addition, this nutrient also plays an role of synthesizing collagen, metabolism of fat into energy, increases resistance and ensure healthy immune system.

Mother should add lysine-rich foods to their nutrient menu to help the children’s height develop optimally.

Hint: Meat, fish, egg yolks, legumes, milk, finishe products from milk.

2 / Magnesium

In a normal body, magnesium accounts for about 35g weight, concentrates mainly in bones and teeth. That is why this mineral shows extremely necessity for constituting the bones, healthy teeth. Magnesium also actively supports for the activities of muscle contraction, nerve impulse conduction in the body.

Mother may find magnesium in foods such as: amaranth, spinach, sweet potatoes, peanuts, tuna, pompano, crayfish, …

3 / Zinc

In order to catalyze over essential 70 enzymes for cell division to help boost growth, the kid’s body can not lack of the presence of zinc. Zinc, besides calcium, is a very important component to form strong bones.

Zinc-rich food sources the kids need to eat more to be tall: meat, eggs, fish, liver, oysters, scallops …

4 / iodine

As part of the hormones, iodine plays an important role in promoting the development of the body, including height and weight. Children are very vulnerable subjects of lacking iodine due to rising demand and rapid development. Without this mineral, your baby will face the risk of growth retardation, mental retardation, speech delay, hard of hearing …

So, in the early years of the child, as nutrient plays a vital role, the mother should always process foods rich in iodine for young children to grow tall, strong and intelligent.

The mother should choose iodine-rich foods such as: seafood, seaweed, green vegetable …

5 / Vitamin A

If lacking vitamin A, children so easily have physical retardation due to keratosis epithelial cells, sparse villi intestine, this will make the kids have poor nutrient absorption. Not stopping there, the child’s immune system will be affected not less, the kids are vulnerable to infections, especially respiratory infections and digestion.

Mother should add vitamin A from various food sources to help increase the kid’s height. Hint: butter, cheese, eggs, milk, liver, green vegetables, carrots, pumpkin, …

6 / Calcium

Referring to height, it couldn’t help mention about calcium. Calcium, a major component of bones and teeth structure, engages in a lot of important metabolic processes of the body including the enzyme activity, neurotransmitters, hormonal function, muscle contraction, clotting of blood, …

Food sources of calcium that child should eat more such as: Milk, finished product from milk, shellfish, eggs, herring,  …

7 / Vitamin D

Along with calcium, that is vitamin D, with the regulatory functions of calcium and phosphorus in the gut, enhance of protein synthesis, it helps the body absorb nutrients to the maximum extent. Besides complementing vitamin D from dietary sources such as butter, milk, cheese, …, mother should encourage the kids to join outdoor activities to absorb useful sunlight. At least children should have sunbathing in 15-20 minutes a day, preferably before 9 am.